Prince William Little Theatre

Stick Fly

Hylton Performing Arts Center, Gregory Family Theater

8 - 17

A Play by Lydia R. Diamond 
Directed by Chaz D. Pando

What begins as a relaxing summer weekend on Martha’s Vineyard escalates when the LeVay brothers bring their new girlfriends home to meet their affluent and imposing parents. But Mom's not there, and Dad's acting weird. As the newcomers find themselves under familial scrutiny, long-hidden family tensions bubble to the surface and by the end of the weekend, almost everyone at the Vineyard finds themselves under a microscope as they grapple with arguments about class, race, and cultural expectations.


Cheryl - Trinitee Pearson
Kent 'Spoon' LeVay - Tavion Mickens
Taylor - Kristina Romulus 
Harold 'Flip' LaVay - D'Angelo Rashad Woods 
Joe 'Dad' LaVay - David E. Roberts 
Kimber - Holly Landis 

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