Spring 2023 Veterans Virtual Guitar Workshops, Level II

Virtual Event


Registration for this workshop has closed.

Do you play the guitar, and are you looking for tips to improve your technique? Musicians of all skill levels are invited to participate in a 10-week series of virtual lessons with Glen McCarthy, guitar instructor for the Veterans and the Arts Initiative at George Mason University. If you are proficient with the following four skills (or are almost there) join us for Level II!

  1. Can you (the participant) accurately read tablature and/or staff notation?
  2. Do you know the following open chords (A, Am, C, D, E, Em, Fmajor7, G) and can you quickly switch between these chords?
  3. Can you play songs that call for particular (down and up) strumming techniques?
  4. Can you play songs that call for power chords?

These virtual workshops take place Tuesday evenings and are FREE to Veterans, Servicemembers, military family members, and military caregivers.

Please reference our information sheet for details, including minimum age requirement and community policies regarding online workshops. More information about the online workshop platform will be provided to registrants by email.

Learn more about the Hylton Center’s Veterans and the Arts Initiative.