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LLI: History of the Universe

Presented ByLifelong Learning Institute, Manassas
When/WhereMonday, Sep 17, 2018 1:30pmHylton Performing Arts Center, Gregory Family Theater, Science and Technology

Instructor: Mark Dodge

This class offers an introduction to the classical view of time and the Universe. Why do we have 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour? Why do we have the calendar we have? What are planets, and why did they cause such confusion to the ancients? How did we get from the perfectly obvious idea that the Sun goes around the Earth to the weird idea that the Earth goes around the Sun? And why is Pluto no longer a planet?

Week 1. Physics. What ideas and concepts do we need to understand physics? What measurements do we need to make, and how can we make them?

Week 2. The origins of astronomy and how the ancient Babylonians viewed the sky. Where did constellations and the zodiac come from? The geocentric theory that the sun moves around the Earth.

Week 3. A new look at the heavens during the Renaissance. Could the sun be the center of all things?

Week 4. Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation making a comprehensive description of the Solar System possible. A brief tour of the major objects in our Solar System.

Mark Dodge earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California Berkeley and a master’s in engineering physics from the University of Virginia. He worked at IBM as an engineering scientist for 12 years and as a high school physics teacher for 24 years. He has been fascinated by astronomy ever since he gazed through his first telescope when he was in seventh grade. Dodge is also fascinated by ancient cultures and how they still influence us today. This class is a compilation of several of his most popular presentations from his high school teaching.

This event is open to the public. For more information about the Lifelong Learning Institute, Manassas, visit: lli-manassas.org

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