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Gallery Exhibit: John Grunwell

When/WhereTuesday, Dec 10, 2019 10:00amHylton Performing Arts Center, Buchanan Partners Art Gallery, Science and Tech


December 10 – ­ January 18

Situated within the traditions of multiple art traditions, the Entelechies represent an effort to explore the forces that have shaped our Universe. Whereas artists such as Mondrian and Pollack embraced abstraction to express spiritual ideas, the Entelechies instead engage directly with the objective qualities of physical reality. The exploration of color, harmony, and dynamic form evokes the birth of the Universe, cosmic expansion, electromagnetic radiation, gravitation, visions of the future, and the multi-verse, and in the colors' emanation from visible and obscured vanishing points, the mysterious singularities that characterize our origin, and our ultimate destiny. 

Born in Silver Spring, MD, presently based in Washington, D.C., John Grunwell is a multi-media artist and muralist with work in private and public collections throughout the United States and abroad.

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